3 Thursday, 8 2017
Perform the ‘Udhiyyah’ with Tkiyet Um Ali

30.000 families are waiting for your ‘Udhiyyah’. Perform your ‘Udhiyyah’ with Tkiyet Um Ali which is supervised by the General Ifta’a Department. We will distribute the ‘Udhiyyahs’ to 30.000 needy families around the year. To perform your ‘Udhiyyah’ call us at 064900900 or visit our website: . You may also refer to our sites in the following commercial centers: City Mall, City Mall Center, Taj Mall, Galliria Mall, Amman Mall, the Safeway (7th Circle), the Shmisani Safeway, Muktar Mall, Al-Kalooty Mosque or the Friday Jara Market. You may also use the Um Ali application: Search the TUA on IOS or Tkiyet Um Ali on Android and perform your donation Quigley and easily.
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