25 Monday, 9 2017
Under the Patronage of Professor Doctor Al-Tuweisi the AAU Celebrates the Graduation of the Twenty Fourth Batch of its Students for the Summer Semester 2016-2017

Under the Patronage of Professor Doctor Al-Tuweisi, the Minister of the Higher Education and Scientific Research, the AAU celebrated the Graduation of the Twenty Fourth Batch of its Students for the Summer Semester 2016-2017 in the University Arena Theatre on Saturday 23-9-217. The Ceremony was attended by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr. Maher Al-Horani along with the University President, Prof. Sadeq Hamed, Deans, Academic Faculties and a large number of the graduates and their families. The ceremony was commenced by playing the Royal Anthem along with reciting verses from the Holy Quran by the student Yamen Al-Nawasre. Then the AAU President Prof. Sadeq Hamed, delivered a speech where he greeted the guest and the attendees. He also commended the University and its distinctiveness which pioneers the Jordanian scientific institutions. He also praised its graduates who are widely spread whether in jobs or studying in around one hundred countries in the world. He ensured that the University is the forum for Jordanian, Arab and foreign students and confirmed that the percentage of the foreign students amounts to fifty five percent of its students representing fifty different nationalities. Prof. Hamed also added that the AAU is keen on keeping up with the Majestic Royal Instructions related to developing the Higher Education and linking specializations with the job market and developing its role by adding quality programs and specializations whether for the BA or the MA degrees along with keeping interest with scholarships and scientific research. Moreover, he mentioned that the University established Optics, Electronic Business and Information System Management at the BA level. This is in addition to having thirty specializations in eight faculties. As for the MA degree, the University developed new quality specialization such as Intelligent Transportation Systems in cooperation with the European Union and the Government Management Specialization in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Sector Development along with the specialization in Finance and Accounting. He marked the status of Dr. Ahmad Al-Horani Center for E-Learning and its leading role. Prof. Hamed stated that the University is considered as a safe environment for its students, professors and employees. At the end of his speech, he congratulated the graduates and their families, thanked the academic and administrative staffs for their efforts and handed the University shield to honor His Excellency Professor Doctor Adel Al- Tuweisi. Then, the student Yakub Mhana praised the performance and distinction of the University which was followed by the student Musab Eklifat who spoke in English on behalf of the graduates where he thanked the University and its staffs, commended its march and congratulated the graduates. At the end of the ceremony, the guest and the AAU president handed the certificates to the graduates in a joyful celebration decorated by the modern Arena techniques such as lighting, photography and music.