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AAU Students Meet with Two Parliamentary Committees: the Women and Family Affairs Committee & the Energy and Mineral Resources Committee    
5 Thursday, 4 2018

A number of AAU students met on Wednesday 4/4/2018 with two committee members of the Parliament. In this meeting which was part of a campaign titled “Leave it on us”, the students met with members of the Committee of “Women and Family Affairs” and the Committee of “Energy and Mineral Resources”. They discussed increasing the depots of electrical charging by using renewable energy. This campaign aimed to encourage the use of electrical cars and renewable energy which the depots of electrical charging need. Meanwhile, MP Dr. Reem Abu-Dalbouh, the Head of the Women and Family Affairs Committee expressed her pride and appreciation of the advance...

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AAU and Mutah University Organize A Conference Titled “National Strategies in the Face of Extremism and Global Terrorism”


The AAU Faculty of Architecture & Design Organizes An Exhibition for Students Enrolled in the Department of Architecture Engineering


The Career Pathing Day at AAU

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The Date of the Midterm Exam of “Human Rights” Course

26 Monday, 3 2018

The AAU Faculty of Law announces the date of the midterm exam of the “Human Rights” Course offered d

The AAU School of Business Announces the Date of the Mid-Term Exam for the “Tourism & Archeology” Course

21 Wednesday, 3 2018

The School of Business announces the mid-term exam for the “Tourism & Archeology” Course which is a

The AAU Faculty of Information Technology Organizes A Programming Competition Titled “ Problem Solving-Java” for Students

18 Sunday, 3 2018

The AAU Department of Software Engineering/ Faculty of Information Technology organizes a programmin


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AAU Started providing academic services in 1990, Al-Ahliyya Amman University (AAU) was the first private university and pioneer of private education in Jordan. AAU has been accorded institutional and programmatic accreditation. It is a member of the International Association of Universities, Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World, Union of Arab Universities and Association of Arab Private Institutions of Higher Education. AAU always seeks distinction by upgrading learning outcomes through the adoption of methods and strategies that depend on a system of quality control and effective follow-up at all its faculties, departments, centers and administrative units. The overall aim is to become a flagship university not only at the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan level but also at the Arab World level. In this vein, AAU has adopted Information Technology as an essential ingredient in its activities, especially e-learning, and it has incorporated it in its educational processes in all fields of specialization to become the first such university to do so.

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