15 Sunday, 11 2020
The AAU Faculty of Pharmacy Receives A British Research Funding
The AAU Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Prof. Muhammad Al-Tanani, received lucrative research fundi Details
1 Sunday, 11 2020
AAU Ranks Second at the Local Level of Private Universities and First at the Regional Level Regarding the Number of Foreign Professors and Students
AAU ranked first regionally in terms of the number of foreign students and faculty members who hold Details
1 Sunday, 11 2020
Prof. Sari Hamdan Delivers A Lecture at the Jordan Society for Scientific Research on the Modern Areas of Scientific Research in Light of the Corona Pandemic
The AAU President Prof. Sari Hamdan delivered a lecture at the Jordan Society for Scientific Researc Details
1 Sunday, 11 2020
AAU Hosts the Epidemic National Committee
The AAU University President Prof. Sari Hamdan chaired the meeting of the Epidemic National Committe Details
28 Wednesday, 10 2020
The AAU Al-Hourani Center for E-Learning & Blended Learning Launches the University Website with Its New Design
Keeping pace with the continuous developments at Al-Ahliyya Amman University and its automation, Al- Details
25 Sunday, 10 2020
AAU in Cooperation with the Umniah’s Cyber Security Academy, Holds Training Courses for Students on Information Security
Within the framework of the plans aimed at spreading awareness and education of the electronic threa Details
13 Tuesday, 10 2020
AAU Commences Its Marathon for Employing Its Graduates
Under the patronage of the AAU President Prof. Sari Hamdan, the Migrate Mena Company signed work con Details
13 Tuesday, 10 2020
AAU Organizes A Virtual Discussion on Design Thinking
AAU in cooperation with the Umniah Incubator for Entrepreneurship (The Tank), organized a virtual di Details
7 Wednesday, 10 2020
Prof. Sari Hamdan Participates in the Meetings of the Executive Office of the Arab Universities Sports Federation
The AAU President and the President of the Jordanian Universities Sports Federation, Prof. Sari Hamd Details
4 Sunday, 10 2020
AAU Reduces the Registration Fee by 50%
Due to the circumstances of the spread of the “Covid 19” Virus which requires teaching online, Prof. Details