AAU Announcements

13 Thursday, 9 2018
AAU Organizes English Language Courses
AAU’s Center of Consultations & Continuing Education in cooperation with Pioneers Academy for Consultations & Training organizes an initiative under the slogan “Keef Engleeziyatak”. Those of you interested in improving their levels in English Language, kindly contact phone number 0798100120. It is worth mentioning that the course which offers a free placement test in line with the International Criteria of “CEFR”, determines the level of students in English.
14 Tuesday, 8 2018
An Announcement by the AAU Center of Consultations & Continuing Education
The AAU Center of Consultations & Continuing Education cites that the center located on the AAU Campus is the sole organizer for all AAU training course which are held either for its students or the students of general secondary education exam whether they pass it or not as well as for the members of local community. Therefore, AAU is not responsible for any training institutions that organize courses in the name of the University and we urge all of you to communicate and contact the AAU center before paying fees for any training course. To contact us, you can call us at 053500211extention 4048 Mobile: 0782370000. Email: Website:
12 Sunday, 8 2018
An Important Notice for Students of the Graduation Projects Enrolled in Different Socializations
To all students of the graduation projects who wish to develop and support their graduation projects, are invited to contact the Office of Career Guidance and graduates follow-up for maximum importance by Tuesday, 14/8/2018.
5 Sunday, 8 2018
AAU Organizes A Blood Donation Campaign
The AAU Deanship of Student Affairs organizes a blood donation campaign for students and staff under the slogan “Your Blood Donation Saves Life”. This campaign which takes place on Tuesday August 7, 2018 at the Medical Services Department starts at 9:00 am.
30 Monday, 7 2018
Sawt Al-Hayat Festivel
AAU patronizes ‘Sawt Al-Hayat’ Festival which takes place in the Amman Cultural Palace on Wednesday August 1, 2018 at 6:00 pm. A grand musical orchestra will play animated movies songs. These songs will be performed by the artist Aida Al-Amricani along with the artist Sami Clark. For further information and purchasing tickets, please contact phone number 0797386534.
18 Wednesday, 7 2018
Free Courses in Human Resources Administration & Artificial Intelligence
The AAU Center of Career Guidance & Graduates Follow Up holds free courses in Human Resources and Artificial Intelligence for AAU students in cooperation with Talal Abu Ghazaleh Company during the summer semester 2017-2018. For further information, please contact the Deanship of Student Affairs officer Zeina Abu Al-Samen.
12 Thursday, 7 2018
An Announcement for Students Enrolled in the Remedial English Skills Course Offered during the Summer Semester of 2017-2018
AAU’s Center of Languages offers guiding lectures for AAU students enrolled in the English Remedial Skills Course offered during the summer semester of 2017-2018. These lectures will take place weekly on Monday & Tuesday from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm in the laboratory # 6406.
2 Monday, 7 2018
An Important Announcement for Students Enrolled in the Remedial English Course Offered during the Summer Semester 2017-2018
All students enrolled in the Remedial English Course offered during the Summer Semester of the academic year 2017-2018 are kindly asked to visit the following site: and then to sign in their accounts by entering the student university ID number in the user box and the same number in the password box as it is illustrated in the following example: User Name: 123456 Pass Word: 123456 It is worth noting that the instructor of the course will follow it up online. Therefore, students should visit daily the site to check with the assignments and messages displayed upon visiting the page. There will be introductory lectures for the course in lab# 406 in the Faculty of Arts & Sciences on Sunday July 8, 2018 from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. All students are kindly asked to attend these lectures for their importance.
26 Tuesday, 6 2018
An Important Notice Regarding Receiving the Certificate of the University Proficiency Exam
The Computer Center urges students who sat for the University Proficiency Exam to contact their Faculties in order to receive the Certificate of the Exam by Tuesday June 26, 2018.
7 Thursday, 6 2018
AAU Delegation Visits Kuwait
AAU is pleased to announce that its representatives will be present in Kuwait for the purpose of meeting Arab and foreign communities in Makkawi Academy for University Affairs- Sharq Area- Abdullah Al-Ahmad Street- opposite to Amiri Hospital- sanabel Complex M1. This will take place for three days from 9/6/2018 to 11/6/2018 (during 10:30 am – 2:30 pm and 9:30 pm – 11:30 pm).