4 Sunday, 2 2018
AAU Launches the First Season of the “Sapphire” Award

AAU launched in cooperation with the Lebanese “Sure Events House” Company the “Sapphire” Award for the distinguished employee in Jordan. The award includes ten different sectors involving 100 institutions. These awards include the Late Dr. Ahmad Al-Horani’s Award (the AAU Founder) for Excellence. These awards aim to motivate employees to be successful models for the advancement of Jordanian economy in all its forms and specialties and to highlight the success of administrations in assuming their responsibilities. In the press conference which was held on Saturday 3/2/2018 in the Arena Hotel, Dr. Maher Al-Horani, the Chairman of the AAU Board of Directors, said that Jordan is poor in its material resources, yet it is rich in its human resources which are the bases of development in all areas of the State. He also said that the award is aimed at the ideal employee, regardless of his/her position, stretching from clean workers to administrative or specialist employees to pay attention to them and to give them roles in the community as productive employees or workers. In the presence of the AAU President, Prof. Sadeq Hamed, the Vice President and the Deans, Al-Horani made reference to the Asian experiences in Malaysia, Japan and Singapore as models of economic developments and successful managements in directing revenues and human resources for the advancement and progress of their countries. At the Jordanian level, he added that" we wish to get out of the economic crisis and to achieve this development. We have to work seriously, move away from dependence, change polices and manage the state resources and move from the underdeveloped labor mentality to the productive one which is based on training and experience to achieve the ideal employee instead of the regular one." Al-Horani expressed the AAU full material and moral support and allocated money to the award which he presides over its jury and which is subject to certain criteria that achieve the goal of equality to compotators, at the level of the Kingdom. Institutions will select and nominate employees for the award according to specific criteria. In his turn, Prof. Sadeq Hamed, the AAU President talked about the educational and social roles of the University. He also stated that founding the first private university by the Late Dr. Ahmad Al-Horani is a pioneer step in achieving excellence and leadership in higher education. He confirmed that the University represented by its faculties and staffs is interested in achieving excellence because it is a distinguished academic edifice. Roy Jubeily, the President of the Lebanese “Sure Events House” Company, the partner of AAU in organizing the award, talked about the importance of preparing students to obtain jobs in the labor market beginning from the studying stage to graduation from universities. He added that honoring them would contribute in the development of economy since they are the focus of development process. He added that the award will target ten sectors that include 100 establishments while AAU will prepare training workshops in the upcoming April. At that point, a jury committee that represents every sector will supervise the selection of winners according to well established criteria prior to announcing their names in a celebration on the Labor Day occasion on May first.