5 Thursday, 4 2018
AAU Students Meet with Two Parliamentary Committees: the Women and Family Affairs Committee & the Energy and Mineral Resources Committee

A number of AAU students met on Wednesday 4/4/2018 with two committee members of the Parliament. In this meeting which was part of a campaign titled “Leave it on us”, the students met with members of the Committee of “Women and Family Affairs” and the Committee of “Energy and Mineral Resources”. They discussed increasing the depots of electrical charging by using renewable energy. This campaign aimed to encourage the use of electrical cars and renewable energy which the depots of electrical charging need. Meanwhile, MP Dr. Reem Abu-Dalbouh, the Head of the Women and Family Affairs Committee expressed her pride and appreciation of the advanced level of awareness which the Jordanian youth have developed and have shouldered their responsibility towards national issues. She added that the Women and Family Affairs Committee would back and support all youth categories who are eager to participate in decision making by suggesting Radical and purposeful solutions for many of the national issues and causes that are inspired by the Royal Discussion Papers. On their part, the students who participated in this campaign offered a number of ideas and goals that encouraged the use of electrical vehicles. They also expressed their view towards upgrading the depots of electrical charging to include all public and private establishments in the Kingdom and they called for exempting these depots from taxes. The students also reiterated that the campaign reflects the positive economic and environmental aspects regarding the use of these vehicles that depend basically on the use of electricity which is generated from clean and renewable sources such as the solar energy.