9 Tuesday, 10 2018
The Syrian Cultural Consultant visits AAU

The president of AAU receives in his office on Tuesday 9/10/2018 Dr. Yousef Al-Shoom, the Syrian Cultural Consultant in the Syrian Embassy, Amman. Professor Sari Hamdan welcomes his guest and wishes him the best in his new position. Hamdan talks about the number of Syrian students at AAU and their majors. He adds that Syrian students are well mannered and academically distinguished. They are the best ambassadors for their country. Professor Hamdan has elaborated on the new and outstanding majors that have recently been introduced and accorded international and outstanding accreditation. The Syrian Consultant has appreciated the programmes introduced by AAU as well as the academic excellence of its staff. The Consultant has expressed his gratitude for the help and guidance that AAU offers for the Syrian students which is embodied by the number of Syrian students enrolled at this University. Finally, Dr. Al-Shoom has emphasized on the idea of fostering cooperation between the Attache and the University. The Director of the Public and International Relations, Mrs. Enas Al-Hourani, has attended the meeting in addition to the Dean of Pharmacy and the Director of Admission and Registration, Dr. Ghaleb Oreiqat. The Director of Marketing, Dr. Majed Osaila has joined them, too.