16 Wednesday, 10 2019
AAU Holds A Workshop on “The Jordanian Ranking Criteria for Academic Programs”

The AAU Quality department of the Accreditation & Quality Management Unit organized a workshop on “The Jordanian Ranking Criteria for Academic Programs” presented by Prof. Zaid Al- Bashaira, the Assistant President for Quality Assurance Affairs in the Accreditation & Quality Assurance Commission for the Higher Education Institutions. The workshop which took place on Thursday, 10/10/2019 was attended by the academic head of departments and vice deans. Prof. Al- Bashaira mentioned that this workshop introduces the audience to the importance the academic programs ranking in Jordanian universities. He also answered the raised questions and the inquiries regarding this issue. It is worth mentioning that the AAU coordinating officers of academic programs are working hard to complete the requirements that fulfill the participation conditions regarding this ranking. Prof. Al- Bashaira also confirmed that the ranking process includes 5 criteria that are in line with the most global ranking. This process includes teaching and learning, scientific research, the international dimension, program outcomes and the academic accreditations.