Sunday 1/11/2020
To Register in Platform of the Global Hult Prize for Entrepreneurship

The “Hult Prize” is an international organization founded by Ahmed Ashkar which aims to launch a social institution to bring about "radical" change in the world through the youth people, especially university students from the BA, MA and PhD levels. This can be achieved through competition to establish pilot projects to solve the problem at hand. Knowing that the problem at hand changes every year, thus the challenge of this year is related to food services titled “Food for Good”. It is worth mentioning that the winning team shall receive a financial reward that amounts to one million US dollars, as a capital to enable them to start the project. Please, read the details regarding the challenge for this year on our website: Registration is still ongoing. You can fill in the information via the following link: Do not hesitate to contact the following email if you have any queries regarding participation:
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