1 Sunday, 11 2020
AAU Hosts the Epidemic National Committee

The AAU University President Prof. Sari Hamdan chaired the meeting of the Epidemic National Committee on Sunday 1/11/2020 at the University. The meeting which was attended by the Vice-presidents and his Assistants, aimed to assess the general epidemical situation of the University and to emphasize the need for taking all preventive and public safety measures. During the meeting, the Committee also reviewed the booklet issued by the National Center for Security and Crisis Management on "Standard Procedures that Must be Taken in the Event of Emerging A Covid-19 Case in A Public or Private Institution" and stressed the need to follow, implement and announce them on the University official websites. The Committee also decided to suspend training in external hospitals for University students and to close the clinics of the AAU Hearing & Speech Center for a period of two weeks in order to assess the epidemical situation in addition to adopting the slogan “With Face Mask & Physical Distancing, We Protect Our University & Our Society.”