Wednesday 10/3/2021
AAU Concludes Its Winter Campaign for Helping Chaste Families

AAU concluded its winter campaign for helping the chaste families in Al- Balqa Governorate. It is worthy to note that this campaign is organized periodically by the Supreme Committee for Activities & Community Service in cooperation with the Deanship of Student Affairs. The campaign which was divided into several phases was held in cooperation with several charitable institutions and societies in the governorate, namely Al-Salt Sport Club, the Zay Charitable Society, the Jubail Bin-Thabit Charitable Society along with a group of homeland workers in Al-Balqa Governorate. Through this campaign, which began on 18/1/2021 and ended on 7/3/2021, more than 400 food packages and winter blankets were distributed to the chaste families. This campaign which comes in light of the continuous support and social responsibility undertaken by the University towards serving the local community, was represented by the Chairman of the AAU Board of Directors, Dr. Maher Al-Hourani, and the AAU President, Prof. Sari Hamdan.