Monday 19/4/2021
Opening the Door for Applying to Study at the Polish University Kazimierz Wielki for One Semester

The AAU Department of Public & International Relations opened the door for applying to the Erasmus + scholarships for students of the School of Business/Department of the Business Administration (Bachelor's degree). This announcement came with the purpose of studying at the Polish University Kazimierz Wielki during the first semester of the academic year 2021-2022 for a period of four months. It is worth noting that the grant includes a monthly allowance of 800€ in addition to 360€ which contributes to the ticket. The deadline for submitting applications is 25/5/2021. The following documents are required in English: • A copy of the passport • A student transcript • Filling out the attached forms (student exchange application and CV form) • Filling out the student exchange agreement (at the International Relations Office)
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